Hiring Grad Student

The CARES Lab and Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA, USA) is seeking to hire one graduate student intern for theory of mind capabilities for social robots assisting young children. The project aims to develop algorithms for theory of mind and understand the perceptions people have of robots with these capabilities. The algorithm development uses models of analogical reasoning to better understand the user and thus make more informed decisions on how best to assist the user. The effectiveness of these algorithms are not only measured by how well the user is assisted but also by how these capabilities change the perceptions of the robot.

The starting date is ideally in early summer, but late summer or early fall dates may be considered. The intern must be currently enrolled in a graduate program and will need to be onsite in Lancaster, PA. This is the first year of a 5 year program, and applicants may be invited to reapply for subsequent years.

The CARES Lab investigates cutting edge research at the intersection of human-robot interaction, cognitive science, psychology, artificial intelligence, and ethics. Our goal is to ensure the ethical application of robots and other technologies by better understanding and communicating with the user. We develop explainable algorithms that allow end-to-end inspection of a robot’s decision making, and we design and conduct detailed experiments to understand the impact a robot has on its users. Please check out our lab website for more information: https://fandm-cares.github.io/

For this position, we are looking for highly motivated candidates with strong background in either design and execution of child-robot interaction experiments or symbolic AI algorithm development. The candidate will also be expected to spend a small portion of their time mentoring undergraduate researchers. The ideal candidate is currently enrolled in a PhD program related to human-robot interaction or artificial intelligence and has a track record of quality publications in related venues. Excellent communication (both written and verbal) are essential.

Review of submissions will begin immediately. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as the hiring of a successful candidate will happen on a first-come-first-served basis. To apply go to https://fandm.interviewexchange.com/jobofferdetails.jsp;jsessionid=3ADD1E30896651B792E049B2761AB69E?JOBID=175255 Please include your ideal start date in the cover letter.

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