Generating Hints and Other Assistance

automated generation of hints to help user

Hint Engine

The Hint Engine is an AI algorithm to generate an appropriate hint for the user, enabling them to make progress on the task. The algorithm combines information from multiple models to make this decision (Wilson et al., 2019).
It uses a task model to identify the next action the user needs to take (Wilson et al., 2018) It uses an assistance model to map actions in a task to specific types of hints or assistance that the robot can provide. A model of the user’s level of need guides the algorithm in deciding how direct of a hint to provide. The underlying theory is that providing only as much help as is needed will help maintain the autonomy of the user. Lastly, a user preferences model captures two types of user preferences, which are used to guide the algorithm in understanding how the user wants to perform the task (Wilson et al., 2020).



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