Robots & Social Cues

understanding and presenting social cues

Detecting Help

A socially assistive robot helps a user through social interaction. To detect when and how it should assist a user, we detect social cues conveyed by the user. The user may explicitly ask for help, but more subtle ways a user may indicate that they need help is through various eye gaze patterns. Using cameras, microphones, and other sensors, the robot combines information to understand how much help the user needs. (Wilson et al., 2022; Reneau & Wilson, 2020; Kurylo & Wilson, 2019; Wilson et al., 2019)

Building Rapport

In addition to a robot understanding social cues, it can use social cues to build rapport with the user. Our prior work revealed that gestures and verbal acknowledgments contribute to the development of rapport (Wilson et al., 2017). Future work will integrate this into our automatic generation of behaviors (see child-robot interaction project)



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