Research areas

Affective Computing

The Conversational Lexical Affect Recognition Kit (CLARK) uses appraisal variables to better capture the dynamics of emotions in a conversation

Multimodal Interaction

The multimodal information kiosk uses analogical question answering to help faculty, students, and visitors of the Northwestern Computer Science department.

Human-Robot Interaction

The Hint Engine is a domain-independent architecture for generating hints based on detecting when and how much need for assistance the user has. It integrates information about task progress, eye gaze, and affect to determine when a person needs assistance.


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Jason R. Wilson, Ph.D., is the PI of the lab. Prof. Wilson, who commonly goes by "Willie", is an assistant professor in the Computer Science department at Franklin & Marshall College.

Email: jrw _at_ fandm _dot_ edu
Another website of ours:
Website for Dr. Wilson: GitHub and F&M

F&M Students

Isabelle Boucher


Nhi Phan


Anh Tran


Lab Alumni

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Phyo Thuta Aung

Thomas Jefferson University

Alex Reneau

PhD student, Northwestern University

Ulyana Kurylo


Samir Joshi


Joe Cummings

Information Sciences Institute

Kevin Hou

Senior, Northwestern University

Seonsik Joseph Kim

Uber Freight

Roxy Wilcox

Senior, Northwestern University

Eshan Tarneja


Academic Collaborators

Dr. Ken Forbus

Professor of Computer Science
Northwestern University

Dr. Irina Rabkina

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Occidental College

Dr. Leilani Gilpin

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
UC Santa Cruz

External Collaborators